Nature "hand in hand" with science


Here we offer customized beauty treatments using unique Osmosis Pür Medical Skincare products, essential oils and newest technologies, like LED Light Therapy, Microcurrent, ReZenerate Wand. 

Doctor developed, clinically proven, natural solutions enhance collagen production, lift, rejuvenate and nourish your skin.

- Rejuvenating facial  60 min - book now

Customized to your skin type and condition, removes toxins, evens out complexion and enriches skin with antioxidants.

We pick the target and treat it within, using deep penetrating Osmosis Vitamin Serums, face massage and reflexology, finishing with nourishing soothing facial mask that restores protective barrier of your skin .


- Pro Collagen Lift and Microcurrent  75 min - book now

Known as non-surgical facelift and muscle re-education (muscle tone).

Gives immediate results that stay. Generates 30-day collagen production increase, eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, aids in lymphatic drainage, activates collagen and elastin production at the source, strengthens the immune system and increases circulation, repairs DNA of skin cells. 


- ReZenerate Wand Conditioning  75 min - book now

Delayed super gentle micro-peel that increases product efficacy (60% deeper penetration) and cellular turnover.

Used with specialized Osmosis Serums. This treatment features nano-technology designed to deliver immediate results with long-term benefits. Refresh, Restore, Renew Your skin. Will enhance collagen production, soften fine lines and wrinkles, help heal wounds and inflammation, decrease pigmentation, decrease scarring, combat acne, improve skin health, increase circulation, firm and lift. 





Instead of attempting to make temporary changes in the skin, we are encouraging permanent repair of skin damage. Age reversal is possible but never without the skin's direction and consent.


Real results come from treating the source.

We achieve that by :


1.Using liposome delivery (6 times better penetration) to target the deeper      layers of the skin where damage and collagen creation actually occurs.
2.Using advanced but natural ingredients to activate DNA and oxidation          repair, collagen formation, growth factor repopulation, and to increase the    delivery of skin nutrients.
3.Empowering your skin and body’s immune system with innovative                ingredients. 
4.Targeting skin conditions and internal issues using a holistic, inside-out        approach.



Be You, Be Beautiful.